LionsLynden School District Web Server (SUMAS)

This is the Lynden School District Web Server. Also known as SUMAS. This site is for use by staff and students for specific projects. For general school and district information please visit the official Website.

The following websites are available:

Big Ideas Videos Instructor Terry Kaemingk's video assignments
SoltmanKInstructor Keith Soltman's video assignments
LHS Multimedia Come and see what the High School multi-media class has been up to
LHS Band The band, a tradition of excellence
LHS Bulletin Instructor Henry Dotson's Wordpress Site
The Rock Webisodes from the AV class
3D Design Class Website Come and see what the 3D design class has be up to
WebDesign Site (internal access only)  Instructor Jody Bogues' programming class work
WebProgramming Site Instructor Jeff Seely's programming class work
Spock  Staff Remote Access Server (login required) 
Construction Webcams See the new School construction as it happens!